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The Lincoln Club of Fresno County exists to advance the electoral prospects of fiscally conservative, pro economic growth conservative candidates for office.  We work with federal, State and local candidates and elected officials on the promotion of sound fiscal policies.  We are experienced at what we do - most of our endorsed candidates are succesful in their efforts.  We value action and voting records over rhetoric.  We watch what our elected officials do - not what they say.

The Central Valley deserves strong leaders who believe in a responsible and fiscally conservative government. By strategizing early, we will be in a position to fund an effective campaign, and expand our organization. Thus, we can be more effective in key elections and reach more voters to fulfill our goals and mission.

We invite you to consider joining our organization.  Please visit our membership page for further information.

Latest News

Feb 06, 2014

A Real Statesment, JFK, Brings Water to the Valley, Don\'t Miss This

JFK christens the San Luis Dam, a tremendous speech.  Note, almost all the elcted officials present were Democrats.  They used... read more
Feb 06, 2012

How Much Would Jesus Pay?

President Obama says God is on his side in the White House quest to raise tax rates on the rich.... read more
Feb 06, 2012

Beck: Insurgency in America

A chilling tale from Glenn Beck about problems on our border.... read more

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