Jan 19, 2010

Massachusetts Senate Results

Lincoln Club Chairman Michael Der Manouel, Jr. issued the following statement regarding tonight’s election result in Massachusetts:

“The victory by Republican Scott Brown tonight in the Massachusetts Senate race was not only historic, but another turning point in America’s repudiation of a leftist approach to governance.  Through no fault of their own, Republicans have become competitive again.  Barack Obama won the Presidency with only 52.9% of the vote, and 91 House Democrats won their seats with under 55% of the vote.  All of those seats are now in play, including two here in the Valley, seats held by Jim Costa and Dennis Cardoza – both of whom have voted with Nancy Pelosi in excess of 97% of the time for the past two years.  There is no question now that both CD 20 and CD 21 are pickup opportunities for Republicans campaigning on a believable platform of fiscal responsibility and conservatism.

I have said for 12 months that Obama did not enter office with a mandate for massive government and spending.  Tonight’s victory by Senator elect Brown should be a wakeup call for both Republicans and Democrats – the fiscal mess they have created together will no longer be tolerated by hard working Americans.

Republicans can enjoy the victory tonight, but make no mistake about it – this was not about Republicans, it was about Scott Brown, and a simple message of fiscal discipline and economic growth.  I encourage all Republicans to study this victory and what it means, and to continue to transform the GOP into a Party with believable ideas, and a commitment to limited government.”

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