Oct 19, 2018

Why Fresno Measure P Is A Disaster

Fresno's Measure P, being advanced by former Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearingen, several wealth donors and dark money from a non profit foundation, is a disaster.  It is being presented as a panacea for our city.  If we just build some parks, children will be healthier, our city will be more liveable, etc.  The tax is $1 billion dollars.

The problem is, these arguments in favor are both unprovable. 

Here's the truth.  Fresno is 200 police officers short of what is required for our size and projected population.  Sacramento liberals have sent tens of thousands of criminals out of our State's jails and into our streets.  Drug use is sky high.  Propositions 47 and 57 have decriminalized hundreds of gun and drug crimes.  Liberals have created the most pro criminal state in America.

This is why our public safety agencies in Fresno are vehemently against Measure P.  They know our current parks are largely unsafe at night.  They know they cannot keep new parks safe.  They also know that Sacramento's pro criminal bent isn't going to stop, it is in effect an unfunded mandate on local communities.  We have to raise our own money now to have adequate public safety coverage for our City.  Public Safety, not parks, is the first job of local government.

Compounding the issues of parks that cannot be adequately policed:  it is now ILLEGAL to remove homeless populations from our parks.  Left wing federal judges have made that the law.  Our current parks are already a magnet for homeless.  New parks will be no different.

Measure P has to be defeated.  In two years, voters should get to decide on a Public Safety tax.  We are not advocating the tax, but our voters need to have a choice.  If Measure P passes, we will  have a "pie in the sky" scenario locally.  More parks, and a more dangerous city.  This is unacceptabe.

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Oct 19, 2018

Why Fresno Measure P Is A Disaster

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