Jul 13, 2010

The Implosion of Global Warming As a Political Issue

Global warming implodes as a political issue.....

"Not since the incident at Chappaquiddick derailed the Ted Kennedy for President boomlet of 1969 has a political movement imploded so fast and so messily as the green crusade to stop global warming. Just last November, the world's leaders were elbowing each other aside to get in front of the cameras at what was billed as the Copenhagen Summit to Save the Planet. These days, nothing in the world is deader than the drive for a UN climate treaty. . . . The alarm clock will never understand this; making shrill and irrational noise is what alarm clocks do and is all they understand. But sensible and thoughtful people who want humanity to live fuller, richer lives in a cleaner and more sustainable world need to get past the naive and crude policy ideas that currently dominate green thinking and start giving these questions the serious attention and careful thought they deserve" -- Walter Russell Mead, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, writing about Climategate at The American Interest Online.




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