Jul 20, 2010

Washingon DC: What Recession?

The entire country is in a recession but the DC eliite think things are going just great.....

"America is struggling with a sputtering economy and high unemployment -- but times are booming for Washington's governing class. The massive expansion of government under President Barack Obama has basically guaranteed a robust job market for policy professionals, regulators and contractors for years to come. . . . As a result, there is a yawning gap between the American people and D.C.'s powerful when it comes to their economic reality -- and their economic perceptions. A new Politico poll, conducted by market research and consulting firm Penn Schoen Berland, underscores the big divide: Roughly 45% of 'Washington elites' said the country and the economy are headed in the right direction, while roughly 25% of the general population said they felt that way" -- Jim Vandehei, executive editor of, reporting on the growing gap between Washington D.C.'s economy and the rest of the country

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