The Lincoln Club of Fresno County

The Lincoln Club of Fresno County

Fostering Education and New Leaders

Abraham Lincoln, leader of a country and hero of the Republican Party, is one of the few statesmen in history who is without controversy.

The Republican Party espouses the ideals for which he stood. The Lincoln Club of Fresno County upholds the ideals of the Republican Party. We are not a society of philosophers; we are an association of doers.

The Purpose of the Lincoln Club of Fresno County is to ...

Encourage and develop political participation among business and professional men and women in Fresno County.

Encourage, protect, and develop the free and private enterprise system.

Remain independent of the influence of elected officials.

Promote good citizenship and integrity in public life through personal and financial participation in the federal, State, and local election process.

Lincoln Club of Fresno County is committed to strengthening the Republican Party at the local, county, state, and federal levels.

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Annual Membership Dues

  • Platinum Level - $10,000
  • Eagle Society - $5,000
  • Executive - $2,500
  • Standard - $1,000
  • Spouse - $500
  • Junior (under 35) - $500
  • Elected Official (County/State/Federal) - $500
  • Elected Official (City) - $250

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